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Charles Bujan: Campaign Report

Laura Lee Degenhrdt:
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Roger Powers:
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Council Member, Place 2

Beverly Bolner:
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Roxy Curry: Campaign Report

Council Member, Place 4

Bruce Clark:
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Arnold Govella:
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Amended Signature Page - 8th Day before Election

Council Member, Place 6

Jackie Bales:

Joan Holt:
1st Campaign Report
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Election Order

The City Council adopted Resolution No.2016-R05 which formally established procedures for the General Election. To view Resolution click here:
Resolution No. 2016-R05

Sample Ballot

A Sample Ballot is available to download here: Sample Ballot

Photo ID Requirements

Voter ID required at the polling place. Every voter at a polling place in order to be accepted to vote a regular ballot, must have an approved form of photo identification (referred to as an "ID document" by the secretary of state) that has not expired or that expired no more than 60 days before presentation. The voter will be asked for a registration certification only if the voter presents an approved ID document and is not on the registration list or if the voter claims a disability exemption. The approved forms of identification are provided in the posters below:

SPANISH: Photo ID Spanish

Ballot by Mail

Method of submission of application. In addition to mail, common or contract carrier, and telephonic facsimile as methods of submitting an application for voting by mail, the Legislature added "electronic transmission of a scanned application containing an original signature" as an acceptable method for receiving mail ballot applications.

BALLOT BY MAIL APPLICATION: Eligible voters may request to have an application for Ballot-by-Mail mailed to them by emailing or by calling (361) 749-4111 and asking for City Secretary Irma Parker.

An Application for Ballot by Mail may be downloaded, completed and signed and then emailed to: or fax it to (361) 749-4101.

The physical address to mail a completed Ballot by Mail is:
Irma Parker, City Secretary
710 W. Avenue A
Port Aransas, TX 78373-4128

Deadline to receive an application for Ballot by Mail: April 20
This is the last day to receive an application from a voter delivered in person for a ballot to be voted by mail(by close of business). This is the last business day before the beginning of early voting by personal appearance.

Last day to receive an application by mail for a ballot to be voted by mail, including an FPCA, by 12 noon or close of business, whichever is later: April 25

Ballot by Mail Application: Application - English
Ballot by Mail Application: Application - Spanish

Early Voting

Early voting by personal appearance will be conduced each weekday at the Port Aransas Community Center, 408 N. Alister Street, Port Aransas, TX between the hours of 8:00 am and 5:00 pm, beginning on Monday, April 24, 2017, and ending on Tuesday, May 2, 2017. The required two (2) days of extended early voting shall be held on the last two (2) of Early Voting, from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm on Monday, May 1 and Tuesday, May 2, 2017.

Curbside early voting: In the past, if the polling place used voting machines, an early voter by personnel appearance who could not enter the polling place was required to use the early voting ballot used for voting by mail. Now, the early voting clerk will deliver a regular ballot to the curbside voter in the same manner as on election day.

Charter Provision - City Council Elections

In an election requiring a majority vote, if no candidate for a particular office receives more than fifty (50%) percent of the votes cast for the office, a runoff election is required for that office [EC 2.02]. A majority vote is required for the City of Port Aransas due to a Home Rule Charter requirement.

Date of Runoff Election: A runoff election is not required to be held on a uniform election day. A runoff election after a city election held in May follows the same timing as a runoff election after an election held on any other date - unless a home rule city's charter provides otherwise. The Home Rule Charter states the following: "In the event no candidate for an elective office receives a majority of the votes cast for that position in the regular or special election or if there is a tie for first place, a run-off election shall be held between the two (2) candidates who received the greatest number of votes. Such run-off election shall be held not less than fourteen (14) nor more than twenty-one (21) days following the preceding regular or special election."


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