Monday, 8/28/2017, 8pm

At today's 4:30 pm press conference Mayor Bujan issued the following statement regarding new updates to the limited re-entry plan.

1. Starting immediately the day time check point at the southern city limits no longer exist.

2. The voucher program implemented today has been eliminated. This means during the hours between 6:30 am and 8:00 pm any and all residents, non-residents, guests, contractors, the entire "general public" of all ages can come and go in and out of the city at will. We still recommend not to bring children due to dangerous conditions.

3. The night time curfew is still in place from approximately 8:00 pm to 6:30 am. It is against the law to be outside in Port Aransas at this time. Police are instructed to have zero tolerance. Please respect this.

4. Please come prepared. Bring water, food, fix-a-flat, supplies, gloves and other safety items.

Please be safe and courteous to law enforcement that will check in on you from time to time, they are here to help and protect all of us and our property.

Thank you again for all your cooperation and we wish everyone a speedy recovery.

From the Mayor, Sunday 8/27/17 10pm


On August 25th, Port Aransas was hit by a category 4 hurricane, Hurricane Harvey. The city of Port Aransas has sustained significant and catastrophic damage.

At this time there are no utilities,power,or sewage! Homes and businesses within the city have sustained major structural damage to include building collapse, roofs being torn off and general major damage.

Hundreds of power lines and poles are in the streets, in yards and on homes. There are large gas leaks within the city. Due to the hazards and life safety issues, citizens are not being allowed back into the city on a permanent basis. At this time , only approved resources are being allowed into the city. This situation is very fluid and changes by the hour.

Currently, we are utilizing local as well as state assets from Corpus Christi, Alice, Ben Bolt, San Diego, Orange Grove, and the county and state. Our city personnel and first responders are working tirelessly to mitigate this disaster.
We have finished a primary search of 100% of the buildings in the city. Texas Taskforce One is finishing a secondary search of targeted buildings, mobile homes that have collapsed or rolled over during the hurricane. We are using four (4) canine search dogs during this process.

At this time , we have rescued and evacuated 11 plus people to Corpus Christi. With the exception of some minor injuries, there has been no serious injuries reported. We also have ZERO (0) Fatalities to report presently. Due to extremely limited communications, we have not established a phone number for families to call and inquire about their affected family members.

City officials will begin implementing a "limited entry protocol" tomorrow at 12 Noon to 6PM. The only entry area is by using Highway 361. At a point down the highway you will reach a point of entry check point manned by Port Aransas Police officers. All occupants inside the vehicle must show a Texas Drivers License with a Port Aransas address. No on under 18 years of age will be allowed to enter.
Business owners who do not have a Texas Drivers License with a Port Aransas address will be let in on a case by case basis. The drivers license must be left with the officer at the check point and picked up on leaving at 6PM. If you do not check out by 6PM,you will lose your right to use the Limited Entry protocol.
Please do not plan on relying on the City and/or Emergency Responders to provide you services. You must bring your own water, food, flat fixing tools and any other items you may need.

Second home owners re-entry will be determined at a later date.

Please remember that you will be entering a major disaster area. First Responders, city and otherwise are very busy and occupied with very important and dangerous duties. Please conduct yourselves in a manner that will not hinder what they are trying to accomplish for you. You will also note large numbers of Police, State Trooper and other law enforcement officers on the island. They are there to protect you and your property.

Take care driving there is debris and power lines along the highways and roads.

Mayor Bujan

From City Manager David Parsons: Sunday 10:30 am.

I apologize for delayed updates our cellphones are just now getting intermittent service and SAT phones have been hard to come by.

Town was hit very hard, the waterfront seems to haven hit the hardest and damage lessens to the south. Most all structures are compromised to some level. Some extreme, some only shingles or siding or windows. Others, like my home suffered severe damage.

Prior to establishing a limited re-entry program, we have to get a hold of the numerous gas leaks around town and do a proper gas line assessment. Road clearing is underway and we are making good progress. Water and sewer will need significant rehabilitation to bring those systems back on line.

Please be patient and know our primary objective is to at least get folks back in here to check on their homes. We are trying our best. Many local and state resources are pouring in. We have a massive police presence patrolling your homes and businesses.

I will try and get more information out as it comes in.

We'll get through this. We all have a long road ahead of us, but I know this community has the the guts!

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