THE CITY OF PORT ARANSAS is accepting applications for members on the Marina Advisory Board. A candidate's list for the selection of appointees to these boards will be compiled for Council consideration. Deadline for accepting applications is August 30, 2019. Applications may be obtained at City Hall, 710 W. Avenue A or on the City website at: EOE


There is hereby created the marine advisory board which shall provide guidance in future decision making for the Municipal Harbor. The board shall act in a purely advisory capacity to the City Manager or his designee, the Harbor Master, on matters pertaining to the Municipal Harbor. The board will consist of FIVE (5) members who shall be qualified voters of the city. Members shall be appointed for two-year terms, and shall serve until their successors are appointed by the city council. Appointments to the board shall be made at the first regular meeting after the general election or as soon thereafter as possible. THREE (3) members of the board shall be appointed in odd- numbered years and TWO (2) members shall be appointed in even numbered years.

Section 18-193. Officers; rules and regulations

The board shall select from among its members and chairman and a vice chairman, and shall adopt, subject to the approval of the city council, such rule and regulations governing its proceedings as it may deem proper.

The city secretary or her designee is required to give notice of all official public meetings of the board in a manner consistent with the Charter and state laws, attend the meeting(s) and keep minutes of the proceedings of the boards official public meetings.

Meetings shall be conducted quarterly or at least four (4) times per year. More frequent meetings or workshops will be held for specific tasks to improve management, development or operations of the Municipal Harbor. Ad hoc or subcommittees may be established for specific needs.

The board shall act in a purely advisory capacity and not legally responsible for the management of the Municipal Harbor.
The board may assist in the finalization of conservation and recreation plan(s), development of strategic plans for education, marketing, and fundraising, provide technical review from requests for proposals and qualifications related to management, construction, management from engineers, contractors and other professional service providers.

The board may confer with city manager or his designee on policies related to management and operations of the harbor, such as;

1. Advise on budget proposal and reports;
2. Review and advise on staff quarterly reports;
3. Participate in future strategic planning efforts;
4. Engage, champion and participate in grant applications and fundraising efforts;
5. Review bids, proposals and qualifications of contracts for advisory purposes; and
6. Other duties as may be assigned by the city council and/or the city manager.

Section 18-195 - 18-215. - Reserved.
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